ADVM Security Software C.A.

Privacy Policy

CYPHERTOP, is a product of ADVM Security Software S.A., and we are completely committed to our web visitors and customers, in this sense we have a deep respect for them. Ensuring that we do not sell, rent or exchange any personal information under any circumstances.
We only request the information of the visitors when purchasing our products, such data are: Credit cards, names, emails, telephone numbers and billing addresses, product order number, price, quantity and detail of the order, if requested the physical software, as well as the visitors who want information and subscribe to our New Lestter. We do not sell these data or sell them to any third party. We do not store credit card information or physical addresses in any of our databases.
Visitors who choose to buy Cyphertop® products are sent to our sales and processing register at, where the purchase and sale of the different versions of Cyphertop is carried out.
We obtain information from web dominoes, ip addresses and emails from our users, in our Business Chat, with which information is given to any visitor who so requires, as well as technical support to the client, in addition to the visits made to our website https : //
We do not use cookies to track information about the movements of a user on our site. However, when making a purchase, users are redirected to our payment processing service, who can use or require the use of cookies to place an order online. This is external text.