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Are you sure of your safety

Are you sure of your safety? Every day that passes companies around the world struggle to position themselves at the top of the market, this in order to be the best in providing services or products to their customers and get high income each year. However, it sounds very positive since it is generally good, […]

The future in your hands

The future in your hands The world is involved in a constant monotony of creations, every time a new technology comes it comes from a previous product but “improved”. This causes us to fall into repetitive and non-improvement processes. By this we mean that we must stop thinking about the now, and prepare ourselves for […]

Today’s encryption do they work

Today’s encryption do they work Since companies began to systematize the processes of buying and selling, since social networks became relevant within our different societies; computer security became a fundamental part of any public or private organization. All infrastructure had to be protected and not only physically. Today, the largest companies in the world keep […]