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Available in Android & Windows


$ 0 /
  • Unlimited PC or Mobile device
  • Data encryption
  • Steganography
  • Private vault 1GB
  • Chat encrypted
  • updates free


$ 170 / Lifetime
  • 4 PC - Mobile device
  • Data encryption
  • Steganography
  • Private vault Unlimited
  • Chat encrypted
  • Updates Liftime

What I can do?

  • Cyphertop gives the guarantee that your files will be 100% protected.
  • You can upload any type of file: Doc, XML, PPT, Jpg, Jpep, PNG, mp4, mp3.
  • No intruder will be able to see your files.
  • Your registration data is not stored on our servers.
  • The interaction is unique, just you and the software.
  • You can hide files within images.
  • No one will believe that a file is inside a photo.
  • our steganographic techniques do not allow detection of information stored in images.
  • Completely safe and secret.
  • Unique encryption chat, totally secure.
  • Send and receive files securely.
  • Create secret conversations with your contacts.
  • All conversations that are generated using Cyphertop are not stored at any time in a database, since Cyphertop handles a fully encrypted transport layer from device to device, therefore we do not store any type of information shared among users.