They steal data and you do not even realize

The position in which users and companies are with respect to the security of their data is very difficult. Failing to find a tool that truly protects them from a cybernetic pirate, who wants to make their information. In addition, it is very common to be suspicious of a technology that is not known, but, on the other hand, it is not common and leaves everything conventional. The human being has the habit to the unknown of naming it as random, but when one step is taken more than previously thought, that “unknown” knowledge inserts it into a category and thus innovation is born. In conclusion, there are those who take a step back and others who take a risk and that is how ADVM Security Software took the baton and decided to go ahead and create something out of the present.

Users today are compromising their data, be it consciously or unconsciously, this is due to the fact that currently the most used devices to navigate are mobile phones (telephones) which are very useful tools for many to enter public networks that do not they guarantee the safety of navigation in them, in the same way there are other very simple ways of stealing information such as malign applications, malicious links and so on. This allowed ADVM to study the weaknesses of different users in order to help them protect their data and most precious files. Among many weaknesses, it was possible to identify that users like to share their files, be photos, documents or videos and this opens a huge gap to be victims of theft of files, since at present there are different communication channels, but are they truly safe? This is the dilemma that maybe different users do not pay due attention to this, because recently The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF acronyms) managed to capture in a government building in Beirut, Lebanon a group of hackers who were dedicated to stealing information through fake versions of applications such as Whatsapp and Signal. Events such as the aforementioned mentioned alerted ADVM professionals and added highly complex functions for those intruders who wish to obtain information from users. One of the mentioned functions, is a chat or really safe instant messaging, another is also the steganography that is one of the best security functions that exist in the world and that has the system (we will publish an article only for this function).

To conclude, one of the most effective recommendations is that they encrypt their files and always test what is unknown to our eyes, they may end up surprised of what can be done, all users are a key target for the malign operations of cybercrime. , which really cause extremely expensive damages and can even become irreversible.